Healthy Tips About Colour

Healthy Tips About Colour

Healthy Tips

Healthy Tips About Colour

Most of us love colourful shoes, dresses, bags, accessories and many other fashion items. What we fail to realise is that a lot of these colourful items have negative effects on our health. From shoes to cosmetics to handbags; most of the items that you love so much actually contain harmful chemicals. In this article, I will highlight some healthy tips for living a better life. I hope that by reading this, you will be inspired to make a few changes in your life yourself!

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It has been proven that bright colours can make you look slimmer. This does not mean that you have to wear a brightly coloured shirt every single day. Although this may work well for young women trying to gain weight, for older women it can make them appear thinner. You should also avoid bright coloured make-up and if you are a smoker, try and gradually reduce your smoking as a result this will also have an effect on your skin tone.


Colour can also have a direct impact on your mood. Try and find some healthy tips about colouring your bedroom instead of focusing on the colours on your clothes. Also, try and find some relaxing pictures or landscapes to take when you wake up in the morning, a picture of green fields with red crops can help you feel less stressed. A healthy tip that is not very common is to try and avoid red when you are in the sun as this can cause rosacea.


We are surrounded by beautiful colour all around us. From flowers to the stars above, they all have an impact on our mood. When choosing a subject for your calendar, avoid using bright colours as this can cause eye strain and headaches. Try painting your calendar using a lighter shade of red and use black font for more elegant text.


When choosing a colour for your nails, try and go for soft pastel colours as they tend to relax the skin. To prevent your nails from becoming chapped, avoid nail polish as it can crack and peel. A great tip for the winter months is to cover your nails in gel polish. It will still be able to be seen when you get out of the house but your nails will be far softer and less likely to tear or damage.


The skin on your hands is another important part to consider when choosing a colour for your shoes. Skin tone is one of the most important healthy tips about colour. If you have fair skin, you may find it easier to wear pink or light blue shoes because these colours will reflect light more evenly and therefore will not hurt your skin so much. However, if your skin is too dark or your skin tone is too light, you should avoid darker colours such as navy or dark brown for your shoes as they may end up darker than you want and this can cause discoloration and damage to your skin.

Healthy Tips About Colour

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