5 Organic Superfoods to Add to Your Diet Now

Want to add superfoods – nutrient dense, low calories, and known health benefits – to your diet.

Here are five of the most important superfoods you can add to your diet. And of course, you’ll want to add these as organic, so you aren’t getting a load of pesticides with your superfoods.

The best thing about these five superfoods is that they are simple to add to your diet and will have a huge health benefit.

You might find number one shocking – how can something so small pack such a punch? And number 3 has been used for thousands of years to improve health – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are not just for chia pets! These tiny black seeds are so healthy for you that they take first place in the superfood category. According to Healthline, 28 grams of chia seeds contains fiber to lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels; protein to build tissues; and fat-(omega-3) to fight heart disease.

Vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, Vitamin B3, B2, and B1, and potassium round out the incredible nutritive value in chai seeds.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is a weird looking red fruit with dragon like scales native to Central America. These fruits taste like a kiwi crossed with a pear.  In 100 ounces, you’ll get protein, healthy fats, carbs, and fiber.

Vitamins C, B1, and B2 help build your immune systems and improve cellular function. Dragon fruit also contains a healthy dose of iron.

Dragon fruit is very versatile and can be peeled and eaten raw, turned into smoothies, or look for dozens of recipes available online.


Garlic has been used for centuries to improve athletic performance and fight off colds and even cancers. If you don’t like the smell, try aged garlic capsules for maximum benefit.

Studies show that garlic both decreases the number and severity of colds, removes heavy metals from your body, lowers LDL and triglycerides, and protects you from free radicals. If you use garlic to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, your heart and brain will be much healthier, and you might even ward off dementia.

Green Tea

Green tea is an amazing antioxidant that removes free radicals and is a known cancer fighter. The caffeine in green tea can keep you awake and wake up your brain without making you feel jittery. It is a great afternoon break beverage! As a super drink, you probably won’t find a better choice.

It may help you burn fat and protect your brain against dementias and Parkinson’s disease. Add all these reasons to the cancer fighting properties and you can’t afford not to drink green tea!


Quinoa is not just for millennials! This nutrient grain should be on everyone’s table. It’s gluten-free and it contains all 9 essential amino acids. One cup of cooked quinoa offers protein, fiber, carbs, and healthy fats. You get minerals like copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and potassium – all essential to your body.

The vitamin total is a bit less, but you’ll get a selection of very important Bs and some E.

Use quinoa in place of rice.


Add these five foods to your menu daily if you can. Add the garlic as a supplement (always choose aged garlic) for maximum benefit and minimum stomach upset. Chia seeds taste great in yogurt or cereal. If you like kombucha, you can drink your chia seeds and get all the health benefits of kombucha as well.

Try green tea as a pick-me-up but avoid the sweeteners. You don’t want to offset all the health benefits by adding sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Each of these foods has properties that help protect or build practically all your body parts and systems. And as a side benefit, they taste good!

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